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Neue Mitte Berlin

approx. 100.000 m2
Oliver Kühn

Three large freestanding houses define the new Wertheim site in the urban floor plan, and link it naturally to the surrounding parts of the city, with its new streets and the new square in the center of the lot.
The three buildings are connected by bridges located in each of the second upper stories, which define the square. To the outside, the edges and height stipulations of the adjacent urban area have been taken over, and extended to create clear building lines. Leipziger Platz and Leipziger Straße have been restored to their original form in their old spatial contexts.
The new pedestrian flows will be fed toward the new center by way of strategically logical openings, where people will enter into an architecturally and spatially highly sensual world, with its own attractiveness and charisma.
Each of the three buildings will have its own thematic façade, with in either the vertical or the horizontal direction. The materiality and haptic is to demonstrate a balanced relationship of transparent and closed, of dull and flashy surfaces. Distinguished material such as bronze, copper and cast glass are conceivable, and can be combined in an interesting manner.
The subway line is to be uncovered and visually connected with the large interior space by means of glazed openings. This will create many attractive variegated spatial situations within the interior context, and surprising vistas through the major openings toward both the outside and the inside.