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Paulaner Brewery, Munich

Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co.KG, München
approx. 90.000 m2 Façade
approx. 14 Mio. €
Oliver Kühn

Two freeways define the landscape space in which history has otherwise left few traces.
Many thousands of people see the new building ensemble every day as they drive by. The brand is communicated on the move.
Thus, the changing façades, like the glittering of a jewel, has been selected as a design characteristic. Embedded in a field of hops as a free-space design, they convey high-value, and create a reference to the brewer’s art even through their color.
The picture of hanging hops clusters thus becomes a structural grid for the new façade, albeit in abstract form. The large design is thus structured into pleasant formats which in themselves constitute their own play of lines, without covering or even denying the actual volume of the building.
The translation structure, with its five different slopes provides a constantly – and surprisingly freshly – changing view, which combines coherence and transparency, depending on the perspective and the angle of the sunlight.
While the daytime effect uses the sunlight shining on the surface from the front, the effect at night is achieved by the skillful placement of small light sources below, with high efficiency LED lamps causing the building to glimmer in the evening. Thanks to the use of orange light, the golden surface achieves of rich coloring and in this way realizes its full magnificence even in the darkness.