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Rheinische Hypothekenbank, Frankfurt a.M.

Rheinische Hypothekenbank AG, Frankfurt/Main
Swantje Kühn

Close to the center of Frankfurt, the Rheinische Hypothekenbank high-rise is to take its place in the skyscraper silhouette of the city’s banking district. For this purpose, the block edge of the existing imperial-era neighborhood, with its narrow residential houses will first of all be closed off. That will provide the high-rise building with an advantageous new urban situation: In the open space newly defined by the residential block, the street and the Wallanlage, it will now appear as a classically solitary structure. Visitors will enter the tower through its lightly curved glass façade by way of the urban square in front. From there, they will pass into the light-flooded area of a transparent hallway which, like a small marketplace with shops, boutiques, cafés and conference areas, will be turned into a center of communication, giving visitors access to the adjoining green spaces.
The office areas are arranged on three floors in the slightly organically curved tower. Three-story lounge areas alternating in a rhythmic interchange give the tower its unmistakable character. Each lounge area has its own color scheme and theme, such as the Tea Room, the Chimney Room or the Oyster Bar, providing a counterpoint to the functional and simply organized workspaces of the standard office floor plan. At night, too, the lounges, with their colored lights, dominate the picture of the transparent glass façade, and turn the slender tower, visible from afar, into a distinctive element in Frankfurt’s coronet of skyscrapers.