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"Palais Vertical" - Warsaw City Centre, Warsaw

ORCO Group
approx. 50.000 m2
approx. 45 Mio. €
Oliver Kühn

Warsaw has two predominant urban features, one is the fine urban grain of the medieval city centre, colorful, ornamental and individual and than as opposed to that the large uniform structures of the post war period. At the beginning of an new aera the scheme for the new Tower – our working title is Blossom House - marries these two features and comes up with an optimistic and positive architecture for the todays generation. The design concept is simple and unique:
In a first step a 150 metre high basic structure is sculpted into a dynamic shape.
Than a number of interesting voids are cut into this form creating an internal routing like a landscape through the tower. These voids are for a wide range of trendy uses, public as well as semi public, be it a squash court, hanging roof gardens, a day care for the residents, art galleries or the hippest club on the top level.
Other spaces, bright and colorful and attached to the individual appartments are pulled out of the volume, just like little blossoms and buds grow out of the strong stem of a tree.
If the basic structure is economical and rational these internal and external spaces are emotional.
The large structure of the basic form provides stability, buildability and profitability, the sculpted clip on spaces and the cut outs provide image, identity and individuality – for no extra cost.
Pulsating with color and light and seen from afar the polychrome Blossom House will represent a new life style to the people of Warsaw and become an intrinsic part of their life.