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Projektgesellschaft M.B.P. 1(Eins) GmbH
approx. 21.000 m2
Oliver Kühn

Like a precisely fitted keystone in the overall development of Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz, extending down to the Landwehr Canal, the new building block is placed like a rectangular cube on the lot above the subway tracks. In the center of the building structure, above the tracks, is a hall story, above which a generously dimensioned interior courtyard of approx. 30 x 30 m for private and public use is located.
Two distinctive openings, cut with sharp edges out of the structure of the building, constitute a reaction to the special quality of the location. The largest opening, facing south, marks an impressive entryway, like a gateway to the city, by way of the subway or the urban-rail train.
The second opening to the cube, facing west toward neighboring Tilla-Durieux-Park, creates distinguished residential addresses along Köthener Straße, including those of the building itself. The hall story, too, is accessible to the public via this entryway.
The prominent location near Potsdamer Platz, and the clear floor-plan design permit a large variety of uses, from the hotel in the western and southern part of the structure to a health center in the eastern part, and generously dimensioned offices in the upper stories.